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  • How can we create wealth, maintain it, encourage it to grow, and enjoy it as well?
  • Does it come to us easily, or has it been hard to come by?
  • Are we attracting it, or chasing it away?
  • As individuals and as a group, how can we do better?

1. What is our money mindset?
Are we giving ourselves mixed signals that sabotage our financial desires?

2. How can we make ourselves valuable?
How can we add value to others by what we do? It is best if we always be true to ourselves! It is our passion that effectively motivates us towards improvement.

3. How can we effectively market that value?
What method of spreading this value around will result in multiplying this value, while allowing us to get compensation for it?

Any venture will succeed if it creates a product or a service that improves the quality of the life of others, and is easily accessible by them.

4. What is the trick to making it last?

For starters, create an investment plan rather than a spending plan or budget. According to the national numbers regarding credit, it seems that most of us tend to spend whatever we have.

Personal Investment Plan:

  • First, invest a portion of our net income into charity, church, etc. (suggestion: 10%)
  • Second, invest a portion on our future. By investing in a compounding venture of some sort that we have a passion for, we will more likely sustain an attitude of successful growth, and a more rewarding sense of accomplishment. (suggestion: 10%)
  • Third, we must invest no more than (suggestion: 50%) on our immediate needs (house, food, clothing, health).
  • Fourth, we must invest less than whatever is remaining (30%) on entertainment and our other discretionary needs. This may require some life adjustments if our current 'spending' cannot be formatted into something similar to this example.
  • Fifth, finally, it is imperative that we reinvest the profits from our 'future' investments so that they grow to a sustainable point of being able to eventually replace the income source without depleting the investment. (This is our only reliable retirement fund.)

5. How can we let our success work for us and make our lives more enjoyable; rather than causing us to become a slave to the money machine we have created?

And ... how can we reap the benefits through personal rewards like: the joy of sharing, the pride of mentoring, the excitement of traveling, the thrill of playing, the wonder of discovery.

It is also imperitive that we eliminate the stress associated with the fear of losing it all; it is essential to protect what we have built ... from the predators. (They seem to come out of nowhere once we are successful.)

6. How would you like to succeed with us?

At Beardslee Enterprises, we are not a bank offering a whopping government insured 1% or 2% on your deposits. We are not offering a stock that one may hope returns 5% on their investment, or may lose it entirely.

We are just a small business offering a huge 10% to 12% return, secured by a note, in exchange for an investment in our new startup. This investment will allow a shrewd investor the opportunity to do twice as good as the long term stock market, without the huge risk!

Our new startup has been designed to help the many homeowners in fiscal trouble a chance to help themselves. If you would like to be a part of this mission, please check out our Invest With Us page.

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