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Who is Beardslee Enterprises?

Always Evolving
Originally formed in 1982, in the midst of a financial Recession, Beardslee Enterprises (a family endeavor) silently invested its resources behind a small privately owned real estate company. Due to our input and expertise, this project grew from a pre-investment value of about $750 thousand, to about $1.25 million in two years in spite of the Recession and the sixteen percent premium mortgage rate at the time.

That venture was followed by a similar project in the 90's, with even better results.

Our third project failed miserably! We made the mistake of expanding into the Central Valley just before the crash. From that experience we learned a lot, and have pressed on towards what we expect will be greater achievements in the future.

Moving forward, we have diversified and evolved, supporting a web design company, and a promotional marketing company. They are relatively new, both created during this Great Recession, and still growing.

For our newest project, we are going back to our roots and developing a real estate solutions company unlike most others out there in today's depressed environment. As our own success depends on our ability to make others successful, we are enthusiastically reaching out. We are bringing forward what we have learned in the past, and are proud to support  Investment opportunities in this venture are currently available here.

In the past, we were happy to let others get the spotlight; but because of the enormous current need and importance, this is the first project we are openly putting the Beardslee Enterprises name on.

Our Mission

The goal behind our latest project ( is to assist the many people struggling today with overwhelming property and financial complications. Our solutions will help out stressed homeowners, investors, banks with non-performing assets, and families looking to find a home they can afford.

We are also involved in philanthropy , and encourage others to join us as much as they are able.

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Steve Beardslee
CEO, Beardslee Enterprises

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