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Our Charity of Choice:
The Planetary Society

Kepler Planets

Why it matters to me:

There was a time when I did a little work for the government. ...

I have seen things that my scientific mind is not too happy about. ...

So I joined the Planetary Society back in the 1980's. Carl Sagan was active in the Planetary Society back then. Although he and I did not agree on every issue, we had one especially big agreement in common; that Earth is not likely to be the only home of organic lifeforms in the universe ... it's simply not mathematically realistic to think we are alone.

With NASA's focus shifting towards robotics, and with the recent discovery and confirmation of hundreds of nearby exoplanets (some of them potentially habitable), the search for life around some other star is getting exciting.

Steve Beardslee
CEO, Beardslee Enterprises

Alien Planet-scape

Donate to The Planetary Society

What The Planetary Society does:

Your generous donation allows them to seed innovative space technologies, nurture creative young minds, and be a vital advocate for our future in space. Your support will ensure that together we can create a better future through exploring other worlds and understanding our own.

Why they do it:

The Planetary Society Mission is to create a better future by exploring other worlds and understanding our own.

Note: Donations to The Planetary Society are tax-deductible in the U.S.

Who is The Planetary Society?  ...   YOU!

We are dads, moms, grandparents, teachers, kids, scientists, engineers, and space geeks. We are those who reach out into the Universe to seek answers to those deep questions: Where did we come from? And Are we alone?

We are wowed and awed by the discovery of new things, the mysteries of science, the innovations of technology, the bravery of astronauts, and by the stunning images sent back to us from other worlds. Space exploration is vital to humankind. We need your help to ensure its future.

Let's change the world!

Bill Nye
CEO, The Planetary Society

NASA and SETI get federal support through our tax dollars and grants, but The Planetary Society depends on private donations from people like us. To keep this endeavor going, please consider The Planetary Society when selecting your charity for this year ...

Please donate here:

Bill Nye    Button Link to The Planetary Society's Donate Page    Dawn Spacecraft
Bill Nye
CEO, The Planetary Society

To learn more about The Planetary Society just follow the link.

Your donation will be greatly appreciated, and your printable receipt will satisfy the IRS.

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