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Would you like to make money by helping others?

Helping others help themselves

By joining with us, you will make it possible for us to help others who need it!

We want to help other people get out of their financial and real estate complications as painlessly as possible. To do that we will need a little of your help as well. If you don't want to help others, then this opportunity may not be right for you! The housing industry is not recovering as promised. But there is something we can do about it.

Beardslee Enterprises
(Strategic Investments)

Investment Plan

1.0 Summary

Beardslee Enterprises has created as a diversified hub for distressed real estate solutions. Help us out and we will reward you emotionally and financially!

We expect to attract property sellers and buyers through a combination of direct mail marketing and innovative internet marketing. With buyers and sellers in hand, we will also attract investors, wholesalers, rehabbers, homeowners and renters.

By being involved in both sides of the equation, from finding homeowners with insurmountable financial complications to matching them with appropriately oriented buyers, Steve Beardslee (having over 30 years of related experience,) expects his crisis management company to solve multiple real estate problems on a realistic platform. This approach has been proven in the past, and the chart below represents the first year's profit potential.

Chart of Projected Earnings
Projected in $10,000 increments

1.1 Product/Services

With millions of homes in the 'Shadow Inventory' due to the enormous number of bank foreclosed and held properties, there will be an extended dip in housing values. This housing market also creates a unique buyer's market for investors. facilitates the matching of these sellers and buyers. has concentrated its market in neighborhoods where the houses are significantly stressed. Due to the current deflated market, many of these homes have mortgages that are 'underwater'. As this condition has made most of these troubled homeowners 'untouchable' by traditional investors, we are viewing it as a relatively untapped market. What makes our approach unique is that both seller and buyer will be coming to us through specially crafted websites as a result of highly targeted direct marketing; and the program's qualification process will also be automated, so more time will available for marketing.

1.2 Funding

Our Start-up Expenses (including web development, market testing, first expansion, legal, stationary, postage, equipment, labor, outside contractors, and rentals,) have been met. With a few more investors, we expect to grow significantly.

The success of our company does not require any participation by our investors. After one year, our investors have the option of cashing out, or of leaving the funds in place for another year - continuing to grow in profits.

In exchange for this generous assistance, is willing to return a generous 8% ROI. With such a low risk factor, this investment would be a better return than most any other option out there in today's market.

1.3 Keys to Success

To get an understanding of the current trend in real estate, a few boring details need to be presented first. Nationwide, according to the California-based mortgage researcher RealtyTrac®, about 25% of the homes sold are due to foreclosure. Furthermore, foreclosure properties sell at an average discount of 32.6% versus non-foreclosures (the market value sales). Over the last five years of recession in the United States, an average of only 370,000 new homes have been purchased.

The government's HAMP program has been mostly ineffective in helping distressed homeowners with their mortgages. According to RealtyTrac®, there are over a million homes in foreclosure nationally with more being added monthly, and another 5 million or so in the Shadow Inventory of previously foreclosed homes.

Based on these facts, simple math tells us that there is now a backlog of at least 2 more years. And with current projections suggesting another burst of foreclosures to come, it looks like this trend has not yet run its course. According to Stan Humphries, Zillow’s chief economist, we can expect to see prices gradually increase, with growth rates settling between 1% and 3% annually. The big cause for this slower pace of growth is the high rate of negative equity, which stands at 28.5 percent. Another contributor is the need for a sustained recovery which currently has systemic concerns, which are most strongly tied to the lack of domestic employment growth and the state of the global economy.

The additional funds will make it possible for to expand its online environment which is friendly for both Buyers and Sellers of these distressed properties. By creating specialized websites, fed by highly targeted mailers aimed at pre-foreclosure short sales, and employing an answering service that has many years of experience qualifying leads, most of the frustrating process of weeding out the courious will be handled automatically. This will give us an edge over any competition, and make an Investment Buyer's magnet.

If we only connect with one-tenth of one percent (0.1%) of the homes in pre-foreclosure, we would still be able to make a healthy profit while helping these frustrated homeowners out. Add that to the deals we expect to be making directly with the local banks, (offering them a partial solution to their $566 billion cash reserve shortage problem,) and there could be a goldmine here. expects to collect an 'Assignment Fee' for putting Buyers and Sellers together; and when combined with a low overhead, this will create an enormous potential for profit!

1.4 What Should an Investor Expect in Returns is currently in the 'beta' phase of its Start-up, and we expect to shift into an accelerated mode later this year. Beardslee Enterprises is putting its full support behind, and sees it as a template for the real estate wave of the future. Current investments are all being used to promote the growth and the success of

Having more confidence in the potential of our broad based real estate platform than in today's traditional investments, we have decided to offer better returns than are expected in Banks or through Wall Street investments today.

Returns are paid annually. And withdrawals are available at any time after the first year, providing you make a 90 day request, (which will allow us the opportunity to liquidate the investment we have made using those funds you so graciously afforded us.) You may review our Investment Terms in more depth by following the link.

This is not a Securities Offer; rather it is a request for funds in exchange for a private note.

To take advantage of this offer, please use our Contact Page.

Thank you very much!

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